About Friends of Street Kids...
Frankly speaking about street children

The program started in Feb 2012. Initially it started by going down to Kivulu slum playing soccer with the children and feeding them.

As time went by more and more was added gradually the program grew and grew. The main aim at the beginning was to build up relationship with children, get to know them and find out their short term and long term needs.

When we first met these children were sleeping on streets in Kivulu and Kisenyi slums, however this is no longer the case.

Most of the children now sleep on the streets around the spring of Kivulu Slum and trenches of Kisenyi Children's behavior: the children's behavior at the start of the year was quite bad, they were hard to settle and keep quite. As the months went on their behavior improved. By the end of the year they were well behaved and it would not have taken that long to calm them down and get them into the circle.